In the Arabic Language Garden, is a comprehensive multi-skills series, one of the most successful series of learning Arabic Language as a second language for non-Arabic Speakers.

It consists of 12-levels as well as two books for each Level with relevant contents and multi-levels of exercises.

It uses modern, contemporary and a new innovative approaches towards languages teaching and to achieve the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) for learning a second language by applying the four linguistic skills.

Through wide range of print and digital components; it is designed with a new template that attract students, teachers and create interaction with the contents. 


Modern methods & approaches

  • Structural method
  • Learning Pharmacy
  • Synthesize method
  • Analysis and Syllabus
  • Learning through playing
  • Golden rules to read Arabic words
  • Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)


Multimedia & Digital Components

  • Digital version of both Textbook/coursebook/grammar book through online access.
  • The E-Text Serves as the student’s virtual speaking-practice companion.
  • Online access suits all types of devices and support E-Leaning (Virtual)
  • Flexible and fun for students to practice on their own.
  • The CD contains audio as well as the visual.


Organization, Language and Level Appropriate

  • Contents are organized by topics, units & themes and reflect the student's environment..
  • Topics are meaningful for students and easily adopted to suit the students’ need. 
  • Conveying meaning rather than teaching only the correct language forms.


Engaging and Motivating

  • Activities are student centered and allows students to work independently
  • Reading, listening, writing and speaking activities are suitable for a North America context.
  • Activities support the varied interests, abilities, learning styles and the maturity levels of the students.


Educating for Success

  • Provides a variety of assessment tools to record students’ progress in learning.
  • Provides students with a purpose for meaningful and authentic communication outside the classroom.
  • Promotes inclusive educational reflects on (reality of racial, religious, gender and cultural diversity).


Arabic for different Programs

Whether it’s a full-time school, week-end school or home learning, this is the best choice for your students & kids. We have held strong to the belief that all students who are learning Arabic deserve a quality literacy education. We are committed to provide superior learning curriculum. 


Ease & fun

It's the only series that presents the functional grammar in a separate series called (simplified grammar). It has multi-skills in grammar approaches, functions, themes and more of grammar practices to be applied in real-life situations. 


Always .. support the Teachers

  • There is a teacher manual for each level.
  • It provides lesson plans over weeks, quarters or annual.
  • It helps teachers in choosing the appropriate Arabic language skills for students.
  • It cantinas the objectives and basic principles of the textbook and it has the recommended procedures for using it.

Series (In The Arabic Language Garden)

Teacher's Manual
Minutes / week


Key Features

  • Series of 12 levels (Pre-School - Level 10)
  • A complete package of educational solutions
  • Grammar in communicative contexts
  • Fun activities, multi-speaking exercises
  • Easily-learning activities, critical thinking
  • Easy to use for students and teachers
  • Natural Arabic, communicative approach
  • Engages students in rich language experiences.
  • Contemporary contents, topics reflect the society
  • Developing the basic language and vocabulary skills.
  • An updated pronunciation syllabus,multi-skills syllabus
  • Online access for digital contents and Self-study CD


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